Settlement Communities Urged To Take First Step in Upgrading

Residents of Seventh Block, Duran farm at 8 Mile, have been commended by NCD Governor Hon Powes Parkop for taking the first step in ensuring basic needs from the government reach them.

Governor Parkop was invited by the community to launch their water and power supply project in which they initiated.

"I commend you for your self-help and acknowledge your efforts in coming up with the basic costs for water and power supply in reaching you all," said Mr Parkop.

This move also complimented the Governor's plight since first entering politics in 2007, where his goal was...."Port Moresby becomes a planned city".

Adding, "I need to use the mandate that you have given me to plan your future and upgrading of settlements to suburbs has been one of my goals since the very beginning," he said.

Mr Parkop said that people in the settlements contributed a lot to the development of the city as it accommodated many working class citizens from both the government and business sectors as well as school children.

He said, "This is a very good formula for success when you take the first step in identifying your community’s need and further recommended this to other communities as well".

Depicting a government, community and business partnership, he added that the government could not provide all things accept for the basic needs like infrastructure developments, roads, education, health care, foreign and local investments, law and order and so forth, hence the approach taken here is a step in the right direction in terms or partnerships.

"I want to regain the titles for all settlements and develop them into suburbs for the sole purpose of improving the standard of living for you all. You must have proper roads, power, water and sewage services before you build your homes so that it all falls in line with the city authorities plans for urban development," said the Governor.

Eradicating of settlements completely is Mr Parkop’s vision as he continues his plight in making Port Moresby and amazing city among the many other challenges that he continually pursues in reaching this goal.

By Alu Aluvula