Community & Social Services

FSVAC Secretariat

Family & Sexual Violence Action Committee & Secretariat


We dream of a Port Moresby that is an amazing, thriving city where all people have hope and opportunity; and, feel safe and supported by caring families, strong communities and responsible governments.

We envision Port Moresby to be a gender-equitable city, where everyone:

• Lives free from violence and discrimination.

• Is treated with dignity, respect and fairness.

• Has equal status, rights, opportunities and representation.

• Is empowered and included in their relationships, workplaces and life.


We know that strong strategies have powerful theories of change. Our theory of change is built upon our experience in engaging the citizens of our city. We know that the only way to begin change is to begin with ourselves – and that we must inspire each of our citizens to start this virtuous cycle by caring for, and taking care of, themselves.

Our theory of change is as follows:

1. When people are healthy, they treat themselves well, have healthy relationships and help foster healthy families.

2. When individuals are supported by healthy families, they help build healthy communities.

3. When communities are healthy for women and girls, they are strong, supportive and safe for everyone.

4. When everyone is safe and feels supported, they can give their best.

5. When they give their best, the city becomes the best.


1. Men and women are equal: this is our constitutional right and our right by virtue of the UN Declaration of Human Rights to which Papua New Guinea is a signatory.

2. Consent: no means no and dress is never an invitation for harassment.

3. Women have a right to have freedom of movement: and a right to claim this city and country as their own.

4. Men and boys stand beside women and girls as partners and allies. Not in front or behind, not above or below, but beside as equals.

5. This city will be great, when everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their dreams and fully contribute to its future.

6. Everyone is Responsible: Addressing gender-based violence is everyone’s responsibility.

7. Change starts with each of us.

8. “Voice Up!”: the time is now to use our voices to inspire change and not stand by and watch violence and harassment happen.


We are guided by the lofty vision of the National Goals and Directive Principals set out at the very birth of our country as an independent nation, stated in the preamble of our Constitution. These are the values and principles that should define the country, the directive principles are intended to guide all activities of the State and its institutions, and as such, we use them to guide our own.

In particular, and we quote directly:

“We have also emphasized the importance of women being able to make their full contribution to the welfare of the country, on an equal footing with men. In recent years women have played a significantly greater part in the country's national life - in politics, in business, in social and cultural activities. But more effort should be made by government to hasten this development. Obstacles to educational and other opportunities which face women at present should be removed, and insofar as it is within the power of the Government to do so, the difficulties facing women who wish to involve themselves in the affairs of the nation should be reduced.”


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