Taurama Residents Give Praise to City Authority For New Road Sealing

By Alu Aluvula

City Residents, living along the newly established Taurama Valley area, have given praise to the NCDC for their new road development taking place.

Major road development company Global Construction Limited, are currently sealing the road that connects their area from the Taurama-Six Mile and Vadavada roundabout.

The asphalt along that stretch of the road ends at the roundabout with residents having had to travel on graded dirt road over the last decade.

However, thanks to the city authority and Global, residents from around there will soon be able to travel in comfort once the sealing is completed.

"We have had to put up with so much dust during the dry weather and mud during the wet weather, given the current state of the road," said longtime resident Robert Reuben.

"There are about 700 plus houses being built here and we have a population of almost 30,000 men, women and children here as well," said Mr Reuben.

He added, "Many of the city's workforce in both the public and private sector and many school children also reside here and traveling to and from work and school has been a huge challenge considering the K3 bus fare from Manu Autoport to Taurama which is only a one way fare. So to get to work and school on a daily basis costs K6 per day or more if we have to transit from the Manu bus stop to other suburbs".

He said the rise in bus fares prompted PMV operators to do this because of the road condition and rise in the cost of fuel prices, hence they also needed to sustain their businesses apart from providing this essential service.

Many owners of private vehicles have also done it tough over the years having had to dig deep into their pockets and stretch their budget limitations despite these hard economic times, just to keep their only mode of road transportation operational in order to meet their basic daily needs.

"So this sealing of the road is fitting for us all who live here. It will help us travel in comfort and hopefully cut down the cost of our current living expenses," said Reuben.

He also added that the new road has created the installation of street lights and had a proper footpath and drains constructed on each side.

"This means that NCDC is providing us not only with a new sealed road, but with it, connected running water services which has also been another one of our greatest other challenge, will now surely be overcome," added an excited Reuben.

"So on behalf of the residents at Taurama, I would like to thank the Governor for NCD, Hon Powers Parkop, City Manager, Bernard Kipit and the management and staff of the Commission for this great initiative. And also we thank contractor Global Construction Limited for the professional work they are doing.

Reuben expressed gratitude saying the new road would create among a list of benefits greater access to basic needs like water and other amenities that the Commission may have to offer.

Also with its new street lights the place would be more lit up at night and be a safe place for women and girls and among these benefits, the cost of living could be improved as vehicles would be in better running condition curbing maintenance costs and hopefully lower fares imposed on us by PMV operators and lastly we would not have to buy water from water carts that we have been spending so much money on to date.

"So there is a greater good for all residents here at Taurama for this road sealing project and we welcome this initiative taken out by the NCDC which has been a long time coming but government services always reach the people one way or another with the partnership of the private sector, and this is one good example or government and private partnership," said a grateful Reuben.