Get Vaccinated, Harim Tok and Rebuild Economy

By Alu Aluvula

City residents have been strongly urged to get vaccinated, 'na harim tok' to rebuild a suffering economy caused by the pandemic.

NCD Governor Hon Powes Parkop sent a clear message to the people of Seventh Block, Duran Farm at 8 Mile, urging them to use whatever medium platforms available to them to get this message across as a matter of urgency to curb what could be described as an economic struggle to date.

"I urge you all to take the vaccine as it was cleared by the governent and as a result the Prime Minister Hon James Marape and myself as Governor led by example and got vaccinated, " said Mr Parkop.

He added that there is no harm in the vaccine and called upon city residents to forego all the false rumours that have been circulating on social media causing negativity and fear in city residents.

He also said it was important for the public to take full ownership of the COVID 19 protocols in place by adhering to the mask up Port Moresby campaign, Social Distancing, Hand Sanitizing and No social gathering protocols.

"The hospitals, doctors, nurses and helath workers will not stop Covid but its the people that will do so!" exclaimed the Governor.

"So far in this one month isolation period, the public have complied and that's a good sign" he added.

However, he said that adhering to the first two points were the basis for PNG to end the pandemic on its soils and to give rebirth to a declining economy," added Parkop.

He said the need to create more employment, income, business, educational opportunities for our people and children was of paramount importance as these are times when everyone needed to cooperate and work together to come out of this pandemic which has already affected millions if not billions around the world.