Regulatory Service - Building Board

Building Application Checklists


Building Application Checklists are forms that are required during the processing of the Building Development Applications with the localhost/NCDC Regulatory Services -  Building Authority.

Click below to download the NCD Building Authority Development Application Checklists Forms.

No. Building Checklists Download (PDF)
1 Major Projects Part 1 - File Cover pdf
2 Major Projects Part 2 - File Cover pdf
3 Minor Projects Part 1 - File Cover pdf
4 Minor Projects Part 2 - File Cover pdf
5 Building Checklists for Fencing pdf
6 Building Checklists for Interior Fitout pdf
7 Building Checklists for Major Projects pdf
8 Building Checklists for Minor Projects pdf
9 Completion Permissive Occupancy - Major pdf
10 Completion Permissive Occupancy - Minor pdf