Revealing of Hidden Dreams Ms Bessie Duni

By Joylyne Karato

DETERMINATION with a good management can take people anywhere regardless of them being educated or non-educated.

36-year-old Bessie Duni had a dream to one-day give something back to his people despite all the impediments she faced prior as being a single mother.

Bessie Duni divorced with 4 kids and hails from Chimbu, the owner of the Sufier Fresh Flowers with limited skills has been inspired by her love for flowers and gardening 5 years back.

Ms Bessie Duni posing with the Gordons Market Supervisor

Would I gain some form of respect from the people in the community by doing what I’m busy doing now? Answer to this question may not be similar to every person but Bessie ponders differently.

People criticised, mocked and put up challenging words with the underestimation that she cannot go far from her dreams. She alone knew very much that, she had the potential to do anything in this world that had value to the life of others.

Her journey started secretly in her mind. “Despite my relentless efforts to find a white collar job to help my poor family, I failed. Having no other way to earn a living, I adopted gardening as a hobby on a small piece of land of my house. With change of time, my flower plants started occupying good space in the flower market in the city with monthly turnover.

As this floriculture farm can fetch me good income as that of a government employee, it has been a thriving business for unemployed women like me. If our youths, instead of whiling away time and sitting idle, adopt this business, it will be a great way out for generating self-employment.

She is a dropped out but deep down in her heart, she knew that she wouldn’t convince anyone to pursue her dream as a gardener.

 “I did not complete any formal education or training to be a gardener due to financial crises but my aim to do something better to be recognised by my community still burns like a fire within me,” She started.

She showed no weakness of being lazy and she wanted very much to prove to the people that she was not too weak from being a strong woman.

All she does is she wanted to use her hands to do something to sustain with her 4 kids from the challenging city. Just imagine, she had two significant ambitions on hand either to forget all about her dreams and join the street vendors or to look for opportunities that will help pursue her long-term dream.

Prior to her floriculture, Bessie used to nurture nursery saplings for trees like Teak, Wang, Pine trees, pot plants and also arranges flowers for big occasions.  As this business in her backyard could not give her sufficient income she has been looking for market so she can venture into her dreams.

She finds a pathway to venture into her dreams when NCDC Market management offered her the privilege at the open market at Gordons main market to set up her flower stalls.

He dreams comes true the next day while walking excitedly to Gordons main market to fill the vendor form and was very happy meeting the NCDC Market management at Gordons.  After that, I have to follow up for a week to seek advice on what the next step to follow adding officers there were very helpful and kind to assist me in the right direction, she remembered.

“Among the many development waves the city has gone through abundantly, National Capital District Commissions (NCDC’s) vision to upgrade the markets and giving opportunities to such people like us is a bonus I can say,”

With such an excellent management team and the leadership of the NCD Governor working side by, I hope there will be no failures and dream less people in the city.

“I thank you NCDC once again for recognising the potentials of women and creating that avenue with the best market facilities in the city to become a good citizen of this country.

She urged the other female vendors in all the recognised markets in the city to give back the credit to NCDC as they are very privileged compared to others who are rushing with Police to survive in the city.