Legislative Powers

The Commission has power to legislate and has the primary responsibility in respect of [Section 41(1) of NCDC Act 2001].

Control by licensing of mobile traders, Sale and distribution of alcoholic liquor, Parks and gardens, Physical planning, Garbage and sanitation other than sewerage, Taxation in certain instances, Control of littering, Control of unlicensed street vending, Control of the sale of betel nut.

The Commission has also power to legislate in respect of [Section 41(2) of NCDC Act 2001].

Licensing of public entertainment, Village courts, other than their jurisdiction, Community and local level governments, Community and welfare services and development, education, agriculture, health, business development, Matters pertaining to the National Information Service, the Building Board, censorship, roads, drains, bridges, street lighting, traffic control, markets and tourism, Land and land development, Cemeteries, Registration of births, marriages and deaths, dogs, vehicle registration , Public transport, Customary marriage and adoption, Imposition of head tax and Gambling lotteries and games of chance.