Executive Messages



It gives me great pleasure to be here with you to be part of this milestone event for our City and for NCDC.

It is said that the journey of great achievements begins with a single step and at NCDC we have taken many single steps to arrive. Today this is another testament to our efforts and achievements for the city.

As the national capital of our country and major hub of our nation, our vision as the Municipal Government is to build a City that is productive, safe and liveable. And we know, we cannot do it alone and we have to work in partnership with all stakeholders who share our vision and willing to make such investments that befits that status to uplift our capital city. 

Our goal is to set gold standards in all aspect of development. Over the years we have put all our effort, time, energy and resources towards achieving that goal. A lot has been done and a lot more needs to be done to reach that standard. We are slowly but gradually moving towards that outcome. Today is part of the benchmark to the goals that we are pursuing.

I want to thank and give credit to our joint venture partners Nambawan Super Limited and Lamana Group of Companies for the shared vision and commitment to ensure the completion of this project and to getting us to officially open this modern shopping complex in our fast growing and transforming Capital City, Amazing Port Moresby.

This Mall will add value and add on to the various hubs and facilities that are already here for our people. This joint-venture will also create employment and raise the standard setting a high bar for the lifestyle of our people.

This development is part of our vision to create and contribute to making our City a liveable City where employment opportunities are growing, innovative ideas and trends are being set, residents and visitors have a safe, clean and modern environment to shop, eat, meet and spend their time. Directly and indirectly contributing towards making our City truly a Centre for business, commerce, services, entertainment, recreation, tourism and opportunities for all our people and investors, nationally and internationally.

Apart from being the host and seat for our National Government and all major institutions of State, our Capital City must be the hub that sees itself as a thriving City in all aspect, for our country and the entire Pacific region.

We must begin to see our city as a regional hub and a magnetic hub of the Pacific linking Asia to Pacific and North Pacific to Southern Pacific.

Port Moresby, the amazing city of a 1000 Tribes is our Nation’s Capital and as Governor of the city, I have upheld that image and sanctity so as to enable all our people to get to live together in respect and in harmony. 

As we grow and develop, we must also begin to see ourselves in regional and global context because we have that potential and must aspire to harness and realise that opportunity.

Todays opening of this Rangeview Mall is one such steps towards realising the bigger dream and all the possibilities available to us. 

I congratulate and thank our venture partners again for this achievement.

Today is also a milestone for NCDC our municipal government. It is the first time in which we have ventured into a major commercial and business investment on behalf of the Commission and our City. This is the beginning for greater bigger opportunity for the future.

I would like extend a very big thank you to the Commissioners of our Board and Management of the City for allowing us to utilize the land for this great development. This decision has enabled the Commission and the City to be 15 percent equity holders and will support NCDC to expand their revenue base. I welcome this development.

We have similar initiatives that our Board has approved including the development of the current “car park” land between City Hall and Vilupindi House, the balance of the land at the back of City Hall, the balance of the land at 9-Mile which used to host the old 9-Mile market and the old road to McGregor Barracks. We are also looking forward for Stage 2 of the Ela Beach Redevelopment Plan where we will extend the current beach all the way to Koki Fish market. We are ready to partner NSL, Lamana Group or any other investors and developers for a win-win outcome.

We will continue to keep our focus to fulfil our vision as part of our Urban Development Plans 2030 where all settlements will be converted to suburbs including converting these central locations to be great hubs for our city, our country and our people.

The City belongs to all of us and especially to our Motu and Koitabu people. We all must invest in our capital city in financial terms, equally we must invest on our social development, economic, political, cultural and livelihood. The returns from these investments will benefit our future generations to come.

NCDC will continue to do more to fulfil our developmental goals, increase our revenue base and I assure everyone that the journey will continue towards transformation in all aspects of life of our amazing city Port Moresby - our national capital, our Pacific city and the Pride of Papua New Guinea.


Congratulations, everyone


NCD Governor