Governance & Strategy

NCDC Board Members & Commissioners



The Commission's Board consists of 11 members as follows:

  •  The Regional member of NCD shall be the Governor of NCD who shall be the Chairman of NCDC Board.
  •  Three members of Parliament representing the three NCD open electorates and shall be members of the NCDC Board on ex-officio basis.
  •  Two members of the Motu Koitabu Council, one shall be the Chairman of the Council and another shall be appointed by the Governor.
  •  The Provincial Administrator of the Central Province.
  •  Four members appointed by the Governor; each one of whom shall represent one of the interested groups, viz., Women, settlements, Youths and Trade unions.


No. Name Title
1 Honorable Powes Parkop LLB, LLM, MP Governor / Chairman
2 Honorable Dadi Toka Jr Deputy Governor / Motukoita Assembly Chairman
3 Rt Hon Sir Mekere Morauta KCMG, Kt MP Commissioner & Member for Moresby North West Electorate
4 Hon Justin Tkatchenko MBE, OL, MP Commissioner & Member for Moresby South Electorate
5 Hon. John Kaupa MP Commissioner & Member for Moresby North East Electorate
6 Com.Gei Guni Raga Commissioner - Central Provincial Administrator
7 Com.Mea Lou Isaac Commissioner - MKA Representative on NCDC Board
8 Com.Clemence Kanau Commissioner - Representing Unions
9 Com.Augerea Kila Commissioner - Representing Youths
10 Com.Kesly Mune Commissioner - Representing Settlements
11 Com.Elice Siki Commissioner - Representing Women