Executive Messages


I will continue to do my best for our city and its residents in the same loyalty and commitment I have given to the Commission over the last 21 years of my employment to this day.

My commitment to providing the best in infrastructure in my capacity as an Engineer has been second to none and the results are clearly visible in the city. The major infrastructure projects that I have been involved with and taken leadership of, have greatly impacted the appearance of the city and are testimony to the high commitment I have always had to provide the best in service to the city and its residents.

The major Capital Road projects that were constructed in NCD since 2011, all the four-lane highways and arterial roads, the first ever fly over in the country, Ela Beach and the grand stadiums and sporting venues in the city are testimonies to my obligation and the strong drive in me to give my best for the betterment of the city.

In my handling of the major infrastructure projects in the city, maintaining higher engineering standards and quality have been my number one consideration and with optimum options to save cost without compromising the required standards and quality. I endeavour to maintain this same commitment and loyalty to the Commission as I take up this more challenging responsibility as the City Manager of Port Moresby, the nation’s capital.

With great determination and much humility, I accept my appointment to the chair of the City Manager and all its responsibilities required with a willing heart to do my best.

Through this communication, I want to place on record my highest and heartfelt appreciation to the Prime Minister James Marape and the National Executive Council for the trust and confidence conferred on me to lead the city over the next four years. On the same token, I share similar sentiments to the NCD Governor and Chairman of the NCDC Board Hon. Powes Parkop and his fellow political leaders of the city and the Commissioners for considering my leadership potential with the relevant recommendation to the appointment process.

I am aware of the mammoth responsibility involved with the role of the City Manager and with the diversified make-up of the city, the task is even more challenging dealing with different cultures and languages. The varying intellect levels also add to the challenge considering the need to fully understand the Commission’s development aims and objectives.

Ultimately, I am fully aware that I will be administering Port Moresby, the nation’s capital, a mini Papua New Guinea, where it all begins and happens for our country.

Basically, the writing is on the wall for me but I feel confident and I have every confident of living up to the task to find the best solutions possible to overcome the various difficulties and challenges to continue the city’s development pathway without much hindrance by the challenges.

My confidence is boosted by my 21-year of employment with the Commission and my heavy involvement with the major development projects of the city.

Furthermore, the experience on a good number occasions as the Acting City Manager places me on a good stead to tackle any situation that may arise now that I am confirmed as the City Manager.

Literally, I have tested the waters beforehand, and with a lot of poise, I feel capable of swimming to the shore without an inch of feeling that I will drown. 

My involvement with a wide range of statutory boards dealing with development issues gives me that added boost to perform to the requirements of the position. My participation on different boards focussed on a cross section of issues has enabled me a broader understanding and knowledge of the issues at hand and to deal with them for amicable solutions.

While I see myself as amply set to take on the task of the City Manager, I shall not rely nor will I totally rely on my own instincts to carry the city forward. I am a strong believer in teamwork and partnership and consultation will remain an integral part of my leadership style.

The partnership approach has been proven worthwhile in many facets of life and confirmed that realistically, we need each other in life to meet our respective ends. For sure, at one stage in life, we will need the help of someone out there or our help will be required to help someone in need in varying situations.

Hence, I will be seeking the help of our valued partners and stakeholders in the course of my management and their advice I will consider to rectify situations or for lasting solutions to issues in the city.

Of definite consideration to assist me with my role as the City Manager is the management and staff of the Commission. Their total years of service is considered an abundance of experience and know how to steer away from potential issues of harm to the Commission and the city at large.

I will be in close touch with them for advice and I will be banking on their experience with the commission when it comes to issues of delivering the best in municipal services.

Based on this considerations, I affirm that my job as the City Manager will be manageable and practicable with the help of everyone concerned.

Let’s do it for our city in partnership and please be assured of my commitment to provide the leadership required of a municipal authority to deliver the best in municipal services.

I will do it to the best of my ability for the betterment of our city and we the residents


City Manager - Mr Ravu Frank