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Our services are two fold, first is mandatory which are listed under "Providers Role", second is discretionary that are listed under "Advocacy Role". Those listed under "advocacy had been classified under "Deemed Transferred Functions". This is because the State transferred them to NCDC inconsistent with the legislations.

Functions could be transferred by the State to NCDC per Section 47 of NCDC Act. However, in order it to be formal, the function should come with concurrent funding and to be indexed annually (Section 25 of the NCDC Act 2001.

Advocacy Role Regulatory / Enforcement
Education Regulations
Law and Order, Fire Services Policies and Permits
Health Planning
Disaster Management Orders
Providers Role Internal Capacity
Roads, Bridges and Drains HR and Payroll
StreetLights Finance and IT
Public Facilities Legal
Markets Audits
  Parks and Gardens and Waste   Public Relations