City Sivarai


PORT MORESBY: The National Capital District’s vision and journey towards achieving high quality health services throughout the city has been reset with the induction of new board members for the NCD Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA).

The NCDPHA board has been absent for more than 14 months.

The board comprises of Mr Daniel Waswas (Chairman), Ms Dora Lenturut-Katal, Mr. Hubert Namani ( Deputy Chairman) Mr. Yiannis Nicolaou, Mr. Justin Tan, Rev. Jacob Kila Harry Kororoti, Ms Dika Toua, Ms. Mirriam Dogimab and Mr. Ravu Frank.

Speaking during their induction ceremony yesterday morning (Wednesday) in Port Moresby, NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop tasked them to put forward a strategic plan for him and Health Minister Hon. Dr Lino Tom to mobilize resources and fund with the aim of lifting and transforming the health infrastructures and services in the city to world class standards.

Expressing his confidence in the new Board , Governor Parkop described the composition of the board as robust with Members having wide experience and skills from cross section of the City.

All the clinics in the city are not up to the standard befitting of a capital city, where our people deserve and are entitled to in this day and age, he said.

Governor Parkop said the increase in population, TB, lifestyle disease and other health challenges demand our people deserve better health services and infrastructures.

The current state of health, education and security services in the city is not helping us to build a truly liveable City that would create an environment for good quality of life and standard of living.

"Insecurity, poor education and health care is compelling leaders in public and private sector to having families living and working overseas. Instead of a great liveable City, we are just using the City and this is not good for Port Moresby and whole of our country," he said.

He said this calls for the better quality health services and infrastructures in the city.

"It is not just for the well being of the residents of the City but more so to attract investors, tourists, major regional and global events to be attracted to the City and the country."

Having high quality health services and infrastructures combined with high standard of education and high-level security is not just critical for our people’s well being, but also vital to tapping into medical and sports tourism potentials, improving livability index of the city, he lamented.

Since the launch of NCDPHA in 2020, Governor Parkop said no progress has been made on the key performance indicators set then.

The proposed Level-5 provincial hospital at Tete in Gerehu Suburb and provision of specialist healthcare were amongst the KPIs, then, he recollected.

With PNG celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, the new K500-million worth hospital is intended to relieve Port Moresby General Hospital from its current work load and pressure, he said.

This level-5 hospital is vital for delivering an entire health system for the City from the minimalist services to high quality services the city residents are entitled to. "We deserve such services so we must deliver such services."

He wants the project gets off the ground with K30 million already allocated in the 2024 National Budget.

Sharing similar sentiments, Minister Lino also wants the NCDPHA to become a model in providing quality health services.

He agreed with Governor Parkop that POMGH be relieved from current pressures it is taking from NCD, Central and Gulf provinces.

He also calls on NCDPHA to collaborate with the private sector in providing specialist Healthcare.