City Sivarai


The Central Province now has a representative on the NCDC Board.

Acting Provincial Administrator Edward Kila was sworn into office last month at the City Hall Boardroom by Senior Magistrate Peter Balus from the Waigani District Court as required by the NCDC Act on the composition of the NCDC Board and relating to the representation of the Central Provincial Government.

In a simple but significant swearing in ceremony Mr. Kila vowed to truly and willingly represent the people and the government of Central province on the NCDC Board.

“We (Central and NCD) are divided by provincial boundaries otherwise we share the same landmass which we need to develop. We have many things in common and I am glad that Central province is having a say in the development of the city,” Mr. Kila said.

City Manager Ravu Frank in welcoming his Central Province counterpart said the participation of the Central province on the NCDC Board through the Administrator is required by the NCDC Act and it resonates the emphasis on good working relations between NCD and Central province.

“With the representative from Central province in the board now, I am already assured of a productive working relationship with the management for prudent results in service deliveries and developments in the city,” Mr. Frank said.

The swearing in ceremony was witnessed by the Deputy NCD Governor and MKA Chairman, Dadi Toka Jnr and the Member for Moresby North East John Kaupa including the executive management of NCDC.

The Deputy NCD Governor is looking forward to a closer working relationship with Central province on development issues affecting both provinces and having a direct input from Central province will add detail and value to discussions.

“ ….. it’s an indication of two government bodies working together and the Central Provincial Administrator being part of the NCDC board is a timely intervention.

“Involvement of people with caliber of such brings to the Board and NCDC quality and experience and we look forward to his participation on the NCDC Board,” the Deputy NCD Governor said.

The Central Provincial Administrator joins the three open members of NCD and the Motu Koita Assembly Chairman on the NCDC Board under the Chairmanship of the NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

Representatives from Motu Koita, women, settlements, youths and the trade unions are pending appointment to complete the composition of the board.