City Sivarai


Sixteen new members were sworn in as the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) Building Board during a ceremony at City Hall last Thursday.

City Manager, Ravu Frank highlighted that this swearing-in virtually establishes the NCDC Building Board after eleven months of functioning as an interim board.

The operation of the Building Board is crucial for city administration and aligns with NCDC's development vision, primarily focusing on city planning and overall development," stated Mr. Frank.

He expressed confidence in the caliber of each board member, emphasizing their qualifications and experience in the building sector.

The Commission have ensured that all are professionals in their respective fields as required by law so that high standards in Building Board is maintained.

This is important for the city especially during this era of climate change which demands that we build resilience infrastructure including buildings.

Mr. Frank extended his gratitude to the Minister for Works and Highways, Hon. Solan Mirisim, for ensuring the selection of the best candidates for the NCDC Building Board and fostering professionalism in the city's building infrastructure.

City Manager also thanked the NCDC Board, led by NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop, for their efforts in nominating potential board members and recommending them to the Minister for Works and Highways for formal appointments.

Newly appointed Building Board Chairman Vaghi Gairowagga, representing the Department of Works, congratulated the new board members and emphasized the board's role in administering the Building Code, prioritizing public health, welfare, and the convenience of building occupants and the general public.