City Sivarai


PORT MORESBY, 22 MAY 2023 - The collaboration and long-term investment between the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the New Zealand Government in Gordon's Market, one of the largest produce and fresh food markets in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea, has reached a significant milestone with the official visit of Prime Minister of New Zealand, Hon. Chris Hipkins today.


Governor Parkop expresses deep gratitude to Prime Minister Hipkins for his presence, emphasizing the strong bond between the two nations and the shared commitment to driving positive change and development.

Gordon's Market, which opened on November 6, 2019, has become a vibrant hub of economic activity, supporting local farmers, vendors, and the community. The market, with its state-of-the-art design and modern facilities, attracts visitors and customers alike, contributing to the economic growth of Port Moresby.


Mr. Ravu Frank, City Manager of NCDC, expressed his appreciation for the collaborative effort that made the construction of Gordon's Market possible. The market, with a total cost of approximately 10 million USD or 30 million Kina, received partial funding from the New Zealand Government and the NCDC.

Governor NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop, highlighted the significance of markets as platforms for economic and cultural exchange. He emphasized the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially the women who form the backbone of the local economy.


The investment in Gordon's Market empowers women and reaffirms cultural traditions, contributing to their financial and economic development.

Governor Parkop also emphasized that markets are not only economic platforms but also social spaces where people come together, interact, and build lasting relationships. In a city like Port Moresby, with over 1,000 tribes and 800 languages, markets unite the community and contribute to a vibrant and diverse city.


The visit of Prime Minister Hipkins to Gordon's Market signifies the commitment of both Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to sustainable agriculture, supporting local communities, and fostering mutual prosperity. This visit opens avenues for further cooperation and strengthens the trade relationships between the two nations.

The NCDC and the New Zealand Government believe that investing in markets like Gordon's Market is essential for personal and financial development, driving economic growth, and creating a major hub for the city and the country. Markets play a crucial role in the progress and resilience of the community.