City Sivarai


NCD Governor Honorable Powes Parkop toured the Gerehu shopping precinct yesterday, assessing the extent of damages and expressing sympathy to business owners who suffered losses during the unfortunate events on January 10, 2024.

Governor Parkop assured the affected business owners that he is committed to collaborating with them in the recovery, restoration, and rebuilding of their businesses in the city. Taking swift action, he spearheaded clean-up efforts in and around the affected shop premises last week, joined by city residents, corporate houses, NCDC Waste Management, youth groups, and communities participating in the Active City Development Program.

Emphasizing the importance of rebuilding confidence, Governor Parkop stated, "Assisting the business houses in submitting proposals to the National Government will be a crucial step in restoring trust and confidence in the affected establishments."

"Despite the challenges, I commend the commitment, resilience, and determination displayed by most business houses in their pledge to rebuild. They are integral to our city and country, providing jobs and contributing to our economy," added Governor Parkop.

During his visit to Eliseo Supermarket at Rainbow, Governor Parkop expressed satisfaction that the Eliseo group of companies remained open for business despite facing looting at their shops in Hohola, Waigani, and Gordons during the mayhem.

"While that day may be recorded in the history books of our city and country, it should not define us. I am confident and determined that we will rebuild, recover, and restore our city, ensuring such situations never happen again in the future," affirmed Governor Parkop.

NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop, LLB, LLM,MP