City Sivarai


On Saturday, Minister Tkatchenko and I had the pleasure of accompanying the Chinese Minister of Education, Huai Jinpeng, and his delegation for a tour of the PNG and China Friendship School – Butuka Academy.

This is Minister Jinpeng’s first time visiting Papua New Guinea to witness the strides we have made between our two sister cities, Shenzhen and Port Moresby, as well as our two countries. Butuka Academy stands as a symbol of the friendship between our two peoples.

During the visit to the school, the Chinese Minister for Education and I signed an MOA for the provision of twelve teachers by the Chinese Government to Butuka Academy, covering various subjects, along with the construction of accommodation facilities at the Academy.

When we first initiated the sister-city relationship between Port Moresby and Shenzhen in 2016, our aim was to bring our two ancient cultures together in these modern times through knowledge sharing and education.

Since then, Butuka Academy has been a foundation upon which the relationship between our two peoples has flourished. Our cooperation in education is extending into other realms, such as tourism and business.

Since its inauguration by the President of China in 2018, the Academy has been a focal point for visits by Chinese leaders when they have come to our country, including the Chinese Foreign Minister and the Governor of Guandong Province.

Placing the foundation of our relationship on people-to-people exchanges and focusing on the future has been pivotal, and this academy embodies that principle.

We extend our gratitude to the Chinese Government, as well as the governments of Shenzhen City and Guandong Province, for their ongoing support to Butuka Academy and our nation. Our friendship will undoubtedly continue to grow stronger.