City Sivarai


PORT MORESBY: Today, the Hon. Powes Parkop, NCD Governor, inaugurated the walkway and water supply rehabilitation projects at Gabi village in the National Capital District.

The projects, which were initiated by the Gulf Provincial Government (GPG) for its people living in NCD, were funded by 3 percent of the GST revenue sharing arrangement NCDC has with the GPG under the recent amendment to the NCDC Act.

Also in attendance were Gulf Governor, Sir Chris Haiveta and his PEC members, Moresby North-West MP, Hon. Lohia Boe Samuel and Motu Koitabu leaders.

This launch marks the beginning of a new era, rewriting future narratives based on mutual friendship, understanding, unity, and partnership among Gulf, NCD, and Motu Koita leadership.

Recent amendments to the NCDC Act, tabled by Governor Parkop and passed by Parliament, enabled this small but significant moment.

Governor Parkop expressed his satisfaction and commitment to this new chapter being forged, along with the continued cooperation and alignment between Gulf, Central, MKA, and NCDC.

Clarifying demarcation of mandated roles and duties, Governor Parkop said NCDC and his office are responsible for major infrastructure developments in the city whilst the open MPs and the indigenous government are focussed on basic services like walk-ways, water supply and SME empowerment etc...

He highlighted such projects delivered at Motu Koita villages include Voe Vagi road re-sealing and streetlights, rehabilitation of education infrastructure, rehabilitation of Baruni and Tatana roads to name the three.

He urged residents to embrace a peaceful and friendly indigenous lifestyle and culture while refraining from causing problems in the city.

Gulf Governor Haiveta announced that his PEC has resolved to allocate one percent of the three-percent GST component they receive from NCDC to the people of the Gulf living in NCD through community project initiatives.

Governor Haiveta supported Governor Parkop's call, emphasizing that provincial ethnic groups should leave their problems behind when migrating to the city. He stressed that the city should become a centre for mutual understanding and friendship and a melting pot for people with cultural diversity living together in unity.

Sir Chris said as part of this collaboration, he has invited fellow Governor Parkop and other NCD leaders to participate in the propsed Papua LNG's Development Forum which will be held later.

Today's occasion marks the beginning of collaboration and cooperation based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding among provinces and their people. The time for arguments and conflicts is over. Now, hand in hand, we journey to shape a better future for our people.