Waste Management


Waste Management is a vital function of any municipal authority throughout the world and the National Capital District Commission is no different. Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles have led to the generation of huge volumes of waste over the years. As the city authority, NCDC is charged with the responsibility of managing the city’s diverse streams of waste with the ultimate aim of protecting public health and the environment from the impacts of waste.

This service is provided in accordance with existing legislative and policy frameworks to achieve Commission’s vision and objectives on Environment and Public Health which are reflected in the organization’s Corporate Plan and Waste Management Plan 2016 – 2025.


The Waste Management Division (WMD) is charged with the important civic responsibility of ensuring that the NCD community and environment is protected from the adverse impacts of municipal solid waste.


To protect public health and the environment through the promotion of waste management practices that minimize waste generation, encourage reuse and recycling, and ensure proper management of generated waste, and timely cleanup of the environment.


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