Engineering Services

Roads & Bridges

Design and capital works section is dedicated to the investigation, planning, design, tendering and implementation of capital works for the Commission that cater for the infrastructure development such as major roads, drainage and other public facilities. Through infrastructure development Commission meets the need of the growing population of National Capital District and improves its physical environment.

While works department is looking after pothole repairs, minor works and drainage cleaning, the traffic and streetlights section looks after the installation of streetlights on the NCDC poles as well as liaising with PNG Power for the maintenance of PNG Power controlled lights. NCDC has constructed or resealed good number of roads within the City for the last five years. They include; Pelican Street, Erima Bridge, Kennedy Road, 4 Mile PMV terminal & roundabout, Rainbow Estate, Morata Roads, Tatana Hanuabada Roads North West Roads, Gabaka street, Healy Parade, Taurama Road, Wards & Cameron Road, Southern Arterial Roads and Stanley Esplanade road. Total cost of the projects amounts to more than K200 million.