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PNG Lasallian Symposium 2024

Join us at the Lasallian Symposium from June 25-27 2024, as we explore the theme "Women in the Lasallian Family; Leavening in Synodality for Vitality and Transformation of Lasallian Ministries."

As God’s Mission continues to develop and unfold, this symposium will take you on a pilgrimage and open the door of your hearts and minds to the peripheries of our diverse PARC region.

Key highlights of the symposium include:

� Creating open spaces for women and men to dialogue on the issues of education in PNG and the region.
� Developing ongoing relationships that support Association between all Lasallians and provide opportunities for mutual growth and support.
� Encouraging Lasallian women to share their brightness and joy and enhancing the Lasallian Mission with the feminine touch.
� Deepening our commitment to Association for the educational service of the poor.
� Advocating for those on the margins and being leaven for the transformation of Lasallian Educators in PNG.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be a part of this transformative experience. Register now and be a part of this meaningful event!