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COVID -19 Protocols and Safety Practices

NCDC informs all its contractors, clients, stakeholders and the general public that all COVID - 19 protocols and safety practices will be strictly adhered to in the provision of all municipal services in the various locations of the city.

All contractors, clients, stakeholders and the general public are therefore encouraged to co-operate by observing the relevant protocols and safety practices of COVID - 19 to help NCDC execute its services in safety and in accordance with the requirements of COVID - 19 as handed down by the Controller, Deputy Controller and the National Department of Health.

NCDC will strongly enforce the mandatory requirement to wear face masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizing and the prevention of crowd assembly in observation of social distancing.

Basically, NCDC will not attend to or serve any contractor, client, stakeholder or a member of the public if the required protocols and safety practises are not adhered to in the execution of services in the city.

The need to strictly adhere to the relevant protocols and safety practises of COVID - 19 is highly required at this time when our city is experiencing a rapid increase in COVID - 19 cases and the potentially high rate of community transmission.

NCDC is taking the situation of COVID - 19 in the city seriously and is taking all necessary measures to contain the spread of the COVID - 19 disease.

We seek the co-operation and support of everyone in the city at this critical time of a pandemic health situation.

Let us be responsible enough to care for ourselves, our families, our communities and our City.


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Acting City Manager