City Sivarai

A Master Plan For A Safe, Livable and an Amazing Port Moresby

The country’s capital city is critical to achieving national outcomes. The city hosts the National Government, diplomatic corps, major businesses and head offices of national public services. Home to a thousand different tribes with over 860 languages, the bustling city of a million people is a true melting pot.

The municipal Government led by NCD Governor Powes Parkop has raised the bar high for the city. The grand vision for the city is to become regional hub of the Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand. Port Moresby is on the journey of being transformed into a city that is safe, clean, liveable, peaceful, sustainable and prosperous. 45 percent of the city is not planned, the proof starkly evident in Motu Koita villages and parts of Central province.

Thus, many of the basic essential services such as sewerage, electricity, roads, street lights, waste collection, water supply, transport, footpath, recreational space, schools and shops have not reached unplanned settlements.