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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No: 02/2011, 8th March 2011.
The Short Stay Policy is an interim policy which evolved from the need to have control over short stay accommodations occurring within the National Capital District. Most of these type of development are within residential areas and have been converted from detached or multiple residences. Some provide acceptable amenities within their allotments however others have been found to be too intensive, bulky and out of character with adjacent allotments and locality with inadequate facilities. Still other have resulted in intrusions of privacy on adjacent allotments, increased traffic generation on local streets and nuisance by patrons.
This Policy therefore provides the necessary guidance to the NCD Physical Planning Board to ensure that Short Stay Accommodation and developments or a similar nature are of acceptable standard and protect the interest of the surrounding developments as well as the patrons. It contains in brief background information, definition, objectives, desired outcomes, scope and the legal basis from which the policy principles were drawn out from. It also sets out the design principles and the minimum requirements which serve to achieve an acceptance standard indicated as the desired outcomes in the policy.
It is intended that this Policy will ensure that Short Stay accommodations:
  •  Are appropriately located
  •  Are of appropriate size, bulk and form;
  •  The building design and site layout is compatible with existing and future character of the locality and enhances safety by discouraging crime and anti-social behavior;
  •  Landscaping assists in the integration of buildings into the streetscape and enhances the attractiveness of the site; and
  •  Buildings and structures are designed to prevent overlooking and loss of privacy to any adjacent residential land uses.

 Click below to download the Policy on Short Stay Accomodations.

Policy on Short Stay Accomodations_pdf.

The Holiday Inn Express, Waigani, Port Moresby, National Captial District.

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