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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No: 08/2008, 27th August 2008.

The Non-Conforming Use Policy is intended to cover those applications for developments or use of land where the zoning schedule should not list the use as an approved purpose. The Policy consists of the Non-Conforming Use Matrix designed by the Office of the Chief Physical Planner, Department of Lands and Physical Planning in 2002 of which the Strategic Planning Section of NCDC has adopted to utilize for the National Capital District.

This Policy is used as a guide to assess applications for non-conforming uses by using the Non-Conforming Use Matrix to identify preferred decisions on the whole range of possible interfaces between land use proposals and gazette zones. The dual objectives of this Policy are to provide guidance to the NCD Physical Planning Board to reach a standard decision on applications for Non-Conforming Use and to establish guidelines for staff of the NCD Physical Planning Office in establishing a recommendation when assessing applications for Rezoning/Non-Conforming Use.

It is intended that all decisions on Rezoning/Non-Conforming applications by the Board are to be even handed based on this Policy as decisions based upon established policy are more acceptable to applicants and harder to overturn by appeal.

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Non-conforming Use Policy_pdf.

The Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby, National Capital District.

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