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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No. 08/2006, 30th August 2006.

The Building Design Checklist Policy was formulated upon the request of the National Capital District Physical Planning Board (NCDPPB) who expressed serious concern over the poor design standards of new buildings being erected in the NCD over the years.

This policy provides guidance to applicants of development proposals with the intention to see improved standards of built development in the future. Particular reference is made to commercial buildings and other prominent buildings along main roads in the city.

The Policy Objectives are to provide information and guidelines for the benefit of residents, land owners and developers and to assist the staff of Regulatory Services in the evaluation of development proposals. It is intended that this Policy will:

  •  Ensure a high quality standard of architectural design of buildings in the NCD and consequently an improved overall built urban environment;
  •  Ensure that all major proposed developments in the NCD are designed only by certified Architectural Companies or individual Registered Architects;
  •  Ensure that public interest is paramount and addresses the issues of community wellbeing, personal health and comfort of those working in and visiting buildings; and
  •  Ensure the promotion of our cultural heritage for future generations.

In the instance where there is a Local Development Plan in place for a particular area, for example, the Port Moresby Town Local Development Plan, its land use and development control policies supersedes this Policy.

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Building Design Checklists Policy_pdf.

The Games Village, UPNG - Waigani, Port Moresby, National Capital District.


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  1. billy ukaria

    ncdc must come and check the buiding at the opposite of ensisi valley wesleyan church .that portion of land was being a recreational area in the past and they claimed it by corrupt deal and build morata type buiding out here
    ncdc must come and destroy this illegal buiding and reclaimed our park back

    concern ncdc eye

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