Boroko/Korobosea Development Control Policy

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Approved by the NCD Physical Planning Board at Meeting No: 11/2009, 10th December 2009.

The Boroko/Korobosea Development Control Policy was prepared after a review of the Boroko/Korobosea Density Control Policy. This Policy covers all allotments in the area bounded in the north-west by the Hubert Murray Highway and in the south west and north east on both sides by Korobosea Drive and Ororo Crescent respectively. In the east, it includes all that area bounded by Bava Street, Igua Street, Karu Street and the eastern end of Boroko Drive.

In the review it was noted that this area had major issues including:

  •  The area losing its character as one of the main commercial centres in the NCD;
  •  Notable increase in fast food outlets throughout the area with little/no attention given to street frontages; Traffic congestion;
  •  Lack of pedestrian-friendly street furniture;
  •  Notable increase in the push for higher density residential development; and
  •  Notable increase in the number of public institutional facilities and related increase in –transport and traffic- related problems.

In light of this situation, the purpose of the Policy is to provide the necessary guidance to the NCD Physical Planning Board in the assessment of development applications for properties within this policy area by outlining design standards promoted by the NCDC and providing overall guidance for the development layout, streetscape and visual amenities to address the issues identified above. In order to achieve the desired outcomes this Policy sets out the types of permissible developments (new/redevelopments) and the controls to achieve the desired outcomes for commercial, residential and public institutional development in the entire Policy Area.

In the event that the Boroko Local Development Plan is prepared, the provisions of that Plan will incorporate the development controls set out in this Policy.

Click to download the Boroko/Korobosea Development Control Policy.

Boroko/Korobosea Development Control Policy_pdf.

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