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The Gerehu/Waigani Swamp Local Development Plan (GWSLDP) was prepared by PlanPac in accordance with the legislative framework of the Physical Planning Act 1989 and Physical Planning Regulation 1990.
The National Capital District Physical Planning Board (NCDPPB) gives notice that it has approved In- Principle a Draft Gerehu/Waigani Swamp Local Development Plan 2017-2031 in its meeting 04 & 05 of 2017. In light of this, we are embarking on the Statutory Consultation of the Plan for twenty-eight (28) working days, commencing 8th August and ending 14th September 2017.
The 15 year Plan intends to provide guidance to future development and use of land within the Gerehu/Waigani Swamp Local Planning Area. Its aim is to establish where the development should and should not occur, and how development should relate with its surrounding and adjoining districts together with the other Local Planning Areas through a development framework based on a series of development precincts.
The Plan promotes and facilitates community and economic development whilst protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment through different development and implementation strategies.
Plan Boundary and Proposed Zoning Map
The planning area is situated in the north of Port Moresby and covers an area of 280ha. It is strategically located, having direct connection to the arterial road system thus providing access to all major regions of employment nodes, including Motukea and the higher order commercial and administrative centers.
Click on the Map below to download the Draft - Gerehu/Waigani Swamp Local Development Plan:

As part of the statutory consultation the Board is now seeking views, objections or comments from the general public, including residents of the Plan Area, service providers, business owners, lease holders and those who have an interest or will be affected directly or indirectly by the Plan.

Details of the Gerehu/Waigani Swamp Local Development Plan can be viewed on the ground floor of City Hall and copies of the Plan will also be made available by Strategic Planning Section for perusal upon request during office hours.

Comments should be submitted in writing to the contact details indicated below before the close of business hours on the 14th September 2017 otherwise it will be assumed that there are no objections to the Plan:



The Deputy City Manager
Regulatory Services Department
National Capital District Commission
PO Box 7270, BOROKO, NCD 111
Attention: Manageress-Strategic Planning
Telephone: 3240662 or 324 0700 Ext. 662
(Ask to talk to Hedaro Eresi or Jacklyne Taranu)
Email:       kemopepena@ncdc.gov.pg
Authorised by:
Leslie Alu, OBE
City Manager


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