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This is to inform all intending candidates in the National Capital District that approvals must first be obtained from the NCDC Regulatory Services before election banners are mounted in all public places in the city.

All banners installed without prior approvals will be considered illegal and will be removed by our Enforcement Unit and costs charged to the candidates concerned.

All Intending candidates are also advised that placing of Election Posters on trees and power poles is not allowed to avoid defacing public property in the city.

Furthermore, candidates and supporters are asked to refrain from using streetlights as banner supports.  Any banners on street lights will be removed immediately regardless of any approval granted by the NCDC Regulatory Services. 

NCDC further reminds candidates and supporters of their responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of all public parks and other areas used for rallies and other election related activities. This requirement includes damages to the natural environment and the public facilities within. NCDC will not hesitate to apply the relevant laws to offending persons.

NCDC anticipates the co – operation of all intending candidates and their supporters in complying with these requirements and all other regulations of the city as will be applicable for compliance in line with cleanliness and safety for everyone in the city.

Let us make the 2017 National Elections a safe, peaceful and a fair elections in the city


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