Trade & Liquor Licensing Application Forms

Application Forms


Trade & Liquor Licensing forms are normally categorised into different aspects of services provided. Prior to issuance of any Trade or Liquor Licenses in the NCD, we comply to our set of regulations beforehand and we advise applicants during the application process.

NCDC issued licenses to trade for formal business establishments that engaged in sale of goods  ie. Liklik/trade stoas, supermarkets, automotive dealers, groceries shop, second hand dealers, babershops, etc. Take note that NCDC does not issue trading license for informal sector ie. Betelnut sale, road side food market. To assist us respond to your query, you are to give us specific details of  the nature of your activity (for example: a food cart, mobile van, Coca Cola vending machine etc.) so that specific information can be relayed to you. As the fees varies and is based on the annual turnover of  the particular business activity. 

Every business activity requires a separate license to trade.
An example is given here for better understanding :
  * City Pharmacy Limited t/a: Stop n Shop has a number of business activities in one premises such as, supermarket, department store, a retail pharmacy, fast food & bakery. etc
Each of these business activity is licensed separately.
Accordingly, separate applications is required for each of the business activity proposed to be operated there-at. Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) documents, Lease agreement or land title if owner, Physical Planning & Building Authority approvals forms part of our requirement for any new trade license application.
Applications can be obtained from our Regulatory Services Department front counter on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays only. Please spare sometime and call in, to see our customer services officers.

Below are the list of forms tabled as per the types of services that applicants are advised to apply for.

Click below to download the NCD Trade & Liquor Licensing Application Forms.

Liquor Application Forms:

No. Application Forms Downloads (PDF)
1 Cabaret pdf
2 Club License pdf
3 Dealers pdf
4 Dinner - Special Permit License pdf
5 Publican, Tavern, Limited Hostel pdf
6 Restaurant pdf
7 Storekeepers pdf

Trade Application Forms:

No. Application Forms Downloads (PDF)
1 Barber's Shop License pdf
2 Second Hand Dealer pdf
3 Standard pdf

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  1. Daniel Duncan

    Can you kindly send me an application form for Distribution/Trade of Goods like rice in wholesale.
    Much Appreciate.

    Daniel Duncan
    GTM Distributors Ltd
    Port Moresby

  2. Michael Francis Arua

    Can you please forward me the application to trade Betelnut.

  3. Vanuga Vele

    Can you please send me the application form for Trade Store License for Hiri LLG

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